Community Health Worker Program

A Partner Who Can Help

Do you need help with keeping track of medications, making appointments, or improving your nutrition? Do you know someone who could use help to keep up with basic needs such as transportation, housing, or employment? Have you recently had multiple hospitalizations or visits to the emergency room?

If so, Mainline Health’s Community Health Worker program may be the helping hand you are looking for.

Mainline Health’s Community Health Worker program serves patients in Bradley, Ashley, and Chicot counties. Our team includes nurses, care coordinators, dentists, and other healthcare providers to assist with the services you need.

Once you join the program, you will be assigned a primary Community Health Worker to facilitate your needs. This person will use the tools available to them to find the necessary community resources needed to help you.

Community Health Care Coordinator

For more information about our program and the resources available to you,  contact:

Barbara Davidson
(870) 538-3355 Ext. 10015

Free Community Services

We know that there is more to helping our community than just healthcare. That’s why Mainline Health is offering a tool to help people in need find and connect with the vast (but sometimes hard to find) social service programs in your area. This tool can help you find anything from food and shelter to financial assistance programs. Just enter your ZIP Code and you’re off and running. Best of all, it’s free.
Free Community Services
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